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Haziran 2020
Modular bells, buzzers and safety transformers
Switch disconnectors, circuit breakers, contactors, fuse holders, timers, surge protection devices - these are just a few of [...]
Haziran 2020
New undervoltage trip releases for motor protection circuit breakers
Designed for the protection and safety of machines, especially hazardous ones, LOVATO Electric undervoltage trip releases [...]
Mayıs 2020
New LED integrated monoblock pilot lights
Widely used in industrial and commercial applications for status indication, LED integrated monoblock pilot lights Platinum [...]
Mayıs 2020
New palm switches
LOVATO Electric LP9 palm switches, with an ergonomic design and a large surface for easy actuation with the hand, elbow or [...]
Mart 2020
New contactor BF94
BF94 contactor is born. Motor control up to 95A AC-3 400V and thermal current of 115A in just 55mm width. The new contactor is [...]
Şubat 2020
New energy meters types
The launch of 5 new models makes LOVATO Electric's range of energy meters even wider and more complete. To the available [...]
Ocak 2020
Automatic transfer switch controller ATL 500
The ATL 500 is a basic and ready to use automatic transfer switch controller for the automatic or manual switching of the load [...]
Aralık 2019
Type F certification for SM1R... motor protection circuit breaker
LOVATO Electric obtained UL508 Type F Combination Motor Controller certification for SM1R... motor protection circuit breaker [...]
Aralık 2019
Switch disconnectors in metal or stainless steel enclosure
LOVATO Electric, in order to meet market demands, introduces switch disconnectors and changeover switches in metal enclosure. [...]
Kasım 2019
High accuracy digital multimeter DMG 615
DMG 615 is a high accuracy multimeter of electrical measurements that allows the control of the energy distribution network. It [...]
Eylül 2019
New latching relays CNB... series
To expand its range of modular devices, LOVATO Electric presents the new CNB... series of latching relays. Suited to both [...]
Ağustos 2019
New LOVATO Electric contactors for 95 to 150A motor control current
LOVATO Electric's contactor range has been expanded with the introduction of a new frame size which covers motor currents [...]
Temmuz 2019
GLC changeover switch disconnectors
This new range of products covers applications from 160A to 315A (AC31B), can be actuated directly or used as door interlocks [...]
Haziran 2019
Digital multimeters with Rogowski coils
LOVATO Electric presents the digital multimeters with Rogowski coils. These new current reading kits are made by: one digital [...]
Haziran 2019
Synergy V. 9.0 - new release
Synergy is a software for remote control and supervision of LOVATO Electric products equipped with communication capabilities [...]
Haziran 2019
New automatic transfer switch controller ATL601
LOVATO Electric expands its offering of automatic transfer switches with the new ATL601. A full set of functions, many of which [...]